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Oldcastle Glass

Oldcastle Glass® provides the architectural and glazing communities with a comprehensive range of architectural glass products. With innovative technology, we create products that satisfy design and performance needs. These include highly visual design products like Stackwall's™ soaring structural glass walls and Bentemp's® dramatic glass curves, as well as high performance products for blast mitigation solutions,and our exclusive StormGlass™, the most advanced hurricane-resistant glazing available. With more North American locations than anyone in the architectural glass industry, we have the products you want, when and where you need them.

Heat-treated glass is glass that has been processed through a tempering oven to increase its strength to resist impact, mechanical loads and thermal stress breakage. There are two distinct heat-treated glass products, heat-strengthened and fully tempered.

Stackwall™/Vision Vue® and Finwall™, are exclusive structural wall systems with glass panels comprising the facade and vertical glass mullions to structurally resist wind load and seismic forces. Stackwall™/Vision Vue® and Finwall™, are free from visual obstructions, limiting the need for metal framing to the perimeter creating a seemingly floating glass facade.

Oldcastle Glass® entrance systems can employ swinging or sliding doors, as well as stacking or bifold panels. Many variations are available with Oldcastle Glass® tempered glass entry doors. They can be used with corner patches only, with continuous rails only, or in combinations of the two. The sketches shown here illustrate some of the many possibilities.

A creative alternative for architects and designers, Bentemp® is tempered or heat-strengthened glass that is bent, during the heat-treating process, to a specified radius to create unique profiles for installations in commercial and residential applications.

Laminated Glass is a multifunctional glazing material that can be used in a variety of applications.It is manufactured by permanently bonding two or more lites of glass with layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer, under heat and pressure, to create a single construction.

Oldcastle Glass® Insulating Glass (IG) units are hermetically sealed combinations of two or more lites of glass separated by a dry airspace. IG units improve thermal performance, significantly reducing heating and air conditioning costs. IG units also reduce interior condensation in cold climates.

Innovative, Energy Absorbing glazing systems offered by Oldcastle-Arpal, LLC. including blast mitigation windows, doors, and curtain walls designed to protect building occupants against specified threats during a blast event. These blast mitigating systems can be incorporated into architectural design and historical preservation, and are available for new construction or retrofit applications.

Oldcastle Glass® offers nonwired Pyroguard clear safety glass and polished wired glass for fire-rated glazing applications.

Oldcastle Glass® silk-screened products offer building designers exciting and different ways to customize exterior and interior glass, by using standard and custom screened patterns in a variety of colors. Silk-Screened glass is offered monolithically, in insulating glass units, or as laminated glass, providing beauty, safety and functionality.

Offered monolithically, in insulating units, or as laminated glass, spandrel glass is typically specified for buildings' nonvision areas to mask construction materials. Even refurbished buildings covered in a combination of vision and spandrel glass can appear to be constructed entirely of glass. Oldcastle Glass® offers two types of spandrel ceramic frit and silicone paint.


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